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The Mobile Wireless Internet (MWI) research area of the i2CAT Foundation is seeking a Senior Hardware / Firmware Engineer in order to work on the design, implementation, development and testing of IoT solutions in real environments. The successful candidate is expected to lead research projects, technology transfer activities and manage work teams.

The Role:
i2CAT is working in the research and development of IoT solutions in different application fields and areas of interest, such as:
-LPWAN Technologies (Low-Power Wide Area Networks) and its applications in Smart Cities and underground/critical environments.
-IoT Technologies (such as WiFi, Zigbee and BLE) applicable to domestic environment
-Localization and positioning solutions based on IoT technologies (such as UWB and Visual Light Communications (VLC))
-Wake-up and energy optimization technologies and mechanisms
The candidate is expected to join the IoT research team and take a leading role in the design, improvement and investigation of the hardware solutions and prototypes developed by the group.
Furthermore, the candidate will work in the firmware/software development of one of the location and positioning solutions based on UWB and VLC that i2CAT is investigating in several research projects. One of the projects is the 5GCroco project, where i2CAT is working on applying UWB technologies to vehicles in order to improve the location accuracy provided by current existing positioning techniques, which is not enough, for example, to determine the lane a vehicle is using. Regarding VLC, the 5G-Clarity project will investigate on a novel network integrating 5G, WiFi and LiFi.
i2CAT will work on the development of an AGV positioning application for Industry 4.0 based on visual light communications and optical camera communications (OCC). Some information about i2CAT VLC–related deployments can be found here:

The role requires domain and proven experience in the design and development of both, hardware and firmware. The candidate is expected to assume technical responsibilities, to have a proactive and adaptive capacity and to work autonomously in advanced, efficient and optimized IoT solutions.

Why You’ll Love Working in i2CAT:
-You will be part of a multicultural team. We have a fun loving and friendly international work environment.
-High skilled team: Knowledge sharing and learning from your colleagues is strongly encouraged and lived. Learn from your colleagues and boost your growth!
-Be in contact and work with cutting-edge technology
-Work in challenging R&D projects
-Fix + variable salary
-Option of flexible retribution (restaurant card, transport card, medical insurance, kindergarten)
-Flexible working schedule - We know you have a life outside of work and we will work with you to make sure it's kept that way
-Fridays afternoon off
-Intensive work schedule in July & August
-One home-office day per week
-Open space office in Barcelona.
-Free fruit every week
-Discounted Gym-access
-25 vacation days per year
-Casual dress code
-Let us know which trainings you need
-You will have the opportunity to attend tech conferences and events.
The i2CAT Foundation seeks to increase the number of women in those areas where they are underrepresented and, therefore explicitly, encourages women to apply.

How to apply:
-Send us a cover letter (in English) stating your motivation and suitability with the offered position.
-Attach your full CV (including email address, contact details, etc.)
-Attach your academic track record (in case it isn't in your CV)

Who we are:
i2CAT Foundation is a non-profit research and innovation centre that promotes mission oriented R&D activities on advanced Internet architectures, applications and services. The centre stands for a new open innovation framework, fostering the collaboration between companies, public administration, the academic environment and end-users.
i2CAT’s activities span the areas of Research, playing a key role in the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation; Strategic Projects, leading local initiatives that strengthen the digital policies of public administration, and Technology Transfer, fostering R&D collaboration with companies to develop innovative market-oriented solutions.
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Minimum requirements:
-Master in Electronics, Telematics or Computer Science; or experience of more than 4 years in the design and implementation of IoT products in the private sector.
-Proven knowledge in C / C ++ and Python
-Proven knowledge in (Embedded) Linux OS administration and network management
-Proven knowledge in wireless communication networks for IoT (Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, LoRa, Sigfox NB-IoT...).
-Programming skills in RTOS and microcontrollers.
-Proven knowledge in serial protocols and driver developments (SPI, UART, i2C).
-Proven knowledge in the design and analysis of schematics, design and analysis of PCBs and the production of prototypes.
-Proven knowledge in the design, implementation and development of IoT platforms (monitoring with sensors).
-Proven knowledge in the design of low consumption autonomous devices.
-Proven experience in leading/managing European, national or technology transfer projects
-Proven experience in the elaboration of scientific articles, technical project deliverables, whitepapers or other high-level technical documents related with IoT.
-Proactive, adaptive and autonomous working capacity
Bonus points:
-PhD in Electronics, Telematics or Computer Science
-Demonstrate own developments will be a plus (e.g. Github account with public projects)
-Experience in network analysis tools (wireshark, tcpdump, sniffers)
-Experience in data analysis tools (for example, R)
-Experience in hardware/software quality assessment methodologies and tools
-Experience in prototyping with 3D printer
-Experience in design and adaptation of antennas
-Experience in OpenCV and Optical Camera Communications
-Experience in the elaboration of competitive proposals (i.e. H2020) or technology transfer offers
-Experience managing teams
-Experience in project management/collaborative tools (e.g. Jira, Scrum, Git)

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Berufsfeld: R&D

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