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We are looking for a person for the Frontend Senior position to be part of the web development team with the main responsibility of ensure both the proper functioning of the code and the correct implementation of the designs. As a Frontend developer you will be part of a multidisciplinary team into the Contents Squad.

We Will Give You:
-A competitive salary
-Benefits package including annual discretionary bonus.
-Intensive day at summer (July, August).
-Business casual dress code.
-Work from home once per week.
-Flexible entrance hours.
-Life & Health insurance.
-Significant discounts in Dorna sponsors products like cars and motorbikes, etc.
-World Perks: Live MotoGPcompetitions paddock and circuit experiences.


Essential requirements:
-High knowledge of HTML5.
-Experience in using preprocessors for CSS3, preferably SASS and its COMPASS extension. Extensive knowledge of flexbox for the creation of fluid and responsive environments.
-Very high knowledge of javascript (ES6), as well as use of patterns (patterns) of development like Modules, Prototype, Singleton, Observer.
-Knowledge of the use of task managers such as GULP and packers such as webpack.
-Experience and ability to develop projects based on Vue and Vuex using Vue Cli 3 and Nuxt.
-Knowledge and use of dependency managers: npm, yarn.
-Must be knowledgeable in software development lifecycles/methodologies i.e. agile.
-Version management system git.

Desirable requirements:
-Knowledge and use of frontend development frameworks such as Bootstrap, Material ...
-Skill with unit tests using Mocha or Jasmine.
-Knowledge and use of Angular 8+ with Typescript.
-Experience with ESLint, Prettier.
-Knowledge and programming in Node.js
-Basic knowledge of php and any other programming.
-Use of websockets and API management.
-Has strong presentation and collaboration skills and can communicate all aspects of the job requirements, including the creation of formal documentation.
-Strong problem solving, time management and organizational skills.
-Web and User Behaviour Analytics Experience.
-Self-motivated with good organisational skills.
-Someone who enjoys working with your team and helping to develop upon and maintain code with them.

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