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We are looking for a Senior PHP/Python Back-End Developer with on-line payments integration experience.

What we have:
-7 Microservices in PHP7.3, 2 microservices in Python (and growing). Most of them are pretty new but there’s also some legacy in PHP5.6.
-Our current stack for brand new microservices: PHP7.3, Symfony3-4, Behat, PHPUnit, Codeception, RabbitMQ, Docker, MySQL, etc..
-Our current stack for legacy: PHP5.6, MySQL and Docker
-Squad-based teams made up of backend engineers, mobile/front-end engineers, QA, DevOps and product manager and scrum masters.


Essential requirements:

-Software Developer | OO PHP7, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, Symfony 3/4/5 o Laravel, Linux, Scrum
-Object oriented coding with proper design patterns.
-At least one MVC framework (we currently use Slim and Symfony and we are open to other framework experience)
-Version control, preferably distributed (e.g. git, which is what we use)
-Good working knowledge of the Linux CLI
Anything from the next list will help you knock our socks off:
-Domain driven design
-SOA and microservices
-SOLID principles
-Experience integrating on-line payment systems / PSPs / E-wallets etc.
-Experience implementing / maintaining e-commerce platforms, online product management platforms etc.

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